Pauline Richmond

Miss Richmond is the tenth actress to play Arlene Arlington in the long-running Arlene's Albatross. She is also the longest-running star of the program, having started somewhat early at age 13 on account of her already rich background as the co-star of several motion pictures and supporting actress in many plays. Her mother, Dorothy, related to us how Pauline got started in motion pictures.

"I was walking through a supermarket with little Pauline when she was 5, and we had just downloaded the Shirley Temple film Stand Up and Cheer to watch together the week before. Pauline was just walking around the supermarket spouting lines from the film as if she were reading for a part in it herself. When we got to the self-checkout, we were standing next to Susan Toliver, who was the president of the local Anti-Grunge Society chapter and sister of Reba Lakintire-- the executive producer for Welt Dornei Productions. Susan struck up a conversation with Pauline and was amazed; our homeschooling efforts were quite evident. We wound up with an appointment to meet with Mrs. Lakintire, who was also amazed to the point of actually commissioning a script just for Pauline."

Within six months, production had started on Little Sis Parker, the heart-rending story of an anti-grunge girl in a family with indifferent parents and five older pro-grunge brothers who taunted and teased her and made her wear grunge-- until one Christmas Eve when the Parker brothers shared a nightmare that made them repent of their ill behaviour toward their little sister, whose heart was big enough to forgive them after they resolved to treat her like a lady from that point forward.

Pauline's popularity soared overnight after the movie's premiere that December. "We made sure she didn't have an overbooked schedule," Dorothy recalls, "and we made certain to keep her modest not only in dress but in spirit as well." Pauline concurred, saying, "Mom and Dad always reminded me about all the other important people who worked on the films and plays in which I appeared, starting with the writers, the producers, the investors, and all the stagehands and other workers. My talent was important, but so was everyone else's."

The founder of the Anti-Grunge Channel had a special place in his heart for Pauline, and he always reminded senior staff to keep an eye on her because she was far too talented and simply could not be overlooked. When the previous star of Arlene's Albatross, Jillian Holbrook, turned 18 and was no longer able to play a sixteen-year-old convincingly, Pauline's time had come. "I remember we got the call from the Anti-Grunge Channel the day before my birthday-- it was such an incredible birthday gift, and I went right to church to say a prayer of thanks," said Pauline, adding, "I really loved watching the Anti-Grunge Channel as a young child with my parents and I had always dreamed of being a part of it-- and now I am!"

Aside from starring in Arlene's Albatross, Miss Richmond is currently appearing in the play The Trouble with Sally in the Downtown Playhouse in Fidelity, Missouri; she plays the anti-grunge confidant Vera Tiesa who tries to convince fellow teenager Sally Hamis of the error of being pro-grunge, but in a gentle, persuasive way that doesn't threaten their friendship. "I really like that role," said Miss Richmond, who concluded, "I always like to propose and not impose, and I try to put a bit of that spin on all the characters I play as long as I can do it while remaining true to the character."

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