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8:00 PM Sunday Profiles in Courage: Biographies of famous and not-as-famous leaders in the anti-grunge movement. James Monticello narrates these fascinating profiles of those who courageously and tenaciously resisted the pro-grunge tide.

This week: A look at Edgar Callan, who began anti-grunge pilgrimages to the famous Grunge Drop in 1947.

9:30 PM Monday-Friday Grunge in Nature: Sal Ortega-Cortez hosts this unique look at how animals thrive in the wild without wearing grunge-- and how animals that do wear grunge often are eaten by grunge-free predators.

Friday night: A tribute to the tuxedo-clad penguin, high-class inhabitant of the animal world.

10:30 PM Monday-Friday Lisa, I Love You, But: Jerry Rochester plays the part of Ted Troy, who has fallen head-over-heels for a pretty young lady, Lisa Oneida (Liz Jamestown), who works in the same office building as he does. Ted attempts to induce Lisa to renounce her use of grunge so that he can marry her. Lisa secretly longs to marry Ted but mightily resists his overtures because she is very much attached to grunge. The understated undercurrents of the relationship between Ted and Lisa make this bittersweet comedy particularly compelling.

Wednesday night's episode: Ted has singing telegrams with an anti-grunge theme delivered to Lisa's office with side-splitting results.

2:00 PM Saturday Grunge to the Stars: This science-fiction series is a tremendous hit with AGC viewers. After an unmanned cargo ship loaded with toxic, discarded grunge is sent hurtling into the sun and the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere increases 25 degrees Celsius as a result, Captain Don Seattle (Ralph Albany) is assigned to lead the space vessel U. S. S. Portland through the galaxy as it searches for a safe place to dispose of the Earth's miniskirts, jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, sweat pants, shorts, and other assorted grunge. Interstellar Environmental Commissioner Tabar Korqua of the planet Volpar trails Captain Seattle every step of the way to ensure that he complies with intergalactic environmental regulations.

This week's episode: Captain Seattle attempts to trick Commissioner Tabar into following a holographic image of the Portland through a wormhole so that the real ship can secretly erect an interstellar grunge transport system on a nearby planet.

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