Molly Jackson

Molly is the Anti-Grunge Channel's resident puppeteer and has been wildly popular since she came on board in 1998. Oddly enough, Molly had no interest in puppets until she had her first child, Noel, back in 1991. One day she was sitting around staring at her little seven-month-old baby, who just stared back quietly but with a look on his face that said, "Mommy, entertain me." Molly recalls, "Suddenly, I was hit with this huge responsibility, and I had no idea what to do. I said a quick prayer for inspiration, and I looked down at the floor and saw a sock that had fallen out of the clothes basket. I took the sock and turned it into a sock puppet and started entertaining Noel, who started giggling gently at first but soon burst out smiling and laughing so hard that I had to change his diaper. I was tempted to stop after that, but I realized that I had just been given a new talent and a new mandate."

Molly knew her first duty was to her own four children, but as they got older and slowly needed less of her time, she started creating a large group of full-blown puppets and found opportunities to entertain children at local libraries, children's hospitals, and orphanages. Always an anti-grunge advocate along with her husband Pete, she managed to find ways to promote the anti-grunge philosophy as she entertained. "I loved to go into a library full of children wearing jeans and sneakers one week, and then return a month or two later to find them all wearing dress slacks, skirts, and shoes." Molly also organized benefit dinners to help purchase dress clothes for children who couldn't otherwise afford them and were thus condemned to wear jeans, shorts, and sneakers. In 2017, she was able to raise $50,000 to help grunge-stricken children and was awarded a citation by her town council for her efforts.

Molly got her big break when the founder of the Anti-Grunge Channel happened to be driving through Sand Springs, Montana and hit a pothole in front of the public library there, blowing out his tire. While he waited for roadside assistance, he went inside the library to find Molly giving one of her wonderful performances, and said to himself, "This young lady deserves a spot on TV. She'll be a big hit." As soon as she finished her show and the well-dressed children dispersed, he signed her to a two-year contract.

"When I went home to tell Pete, he was shocked. He thought we'd have to move to Des Moines!" Molly laughed. Of course, that wasn't necessary as she was able to record ten shows in one session, and commuting from their home in Outlook, Montana was quite realistic once or twice a month. Noel and her second child, Phil, have gone on to college, and Molly and Pete now live in Outlook with their two daughters, Jill and Marilyn. "I'm still waiting for one of my children to pick up my talent," Molly says, "but maybe it will come out when they have two baby blue eyes staring at them the way Noel was staring at me."

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