Dawn DiDonato

Miss DiDonato has been hosting the AGFL Pregame Show for six years now, and before that was the hostess of the AGFL postgame show for two years. "I found the postgame show was a good way to learn the sport as recapping what had already happened was much easier than talking about what might happen later," she offered in an interview. When asked how she got her start, she was eager to relate the whole story, starting with her good fortune in being born into a broadcasting family. "Mom and Dad seemed to know practically everyone in anti-grunge broadcasting," Miss DiDonato recalled. After she received her degree in broadcasting from Brownfield University just before it closed on account of declining enrollment, her parents started asking around to see if they could get her a job.

Eventually, they asked Miss DiDonato what interested her most, and she quickly replied, "Politics! I am simply fascinated by politics and would love to report on that!" As the DiDonatos knew the director of Issues on the Anti-Grunge Front, Edna Henson, they asked if the young lady could get her start there-- but unfortunately nothing was available at the time. Mrs. Henson had another idea, though, and told them, "I heard that they need a production assistant for a new football program that is starting next month. Maybe you could get your foot in the door that way, even though no one would ever dare drag politics into sports."

Miss DiDonato kept an open mind, so she decided to give that a shot. "I already know broadcasting, so I'd just need to learn football; how hard could it be?" she mused to herself. She asked her two older brothers Jerry and Tony to fill her in on some of the basics, and she was on her way. After a year as a production assistant on the pre-game show, she tried out to be a reporter for the post-game show but was surprised when she was asked to anchor it instead. "I never dreamed that I would get on camera that quickly," she said, "but I gave every day my best effort and I am so happy that I found a place where I was valued and appreciated."

Perhaps Miss DiDonato's greatest achievement thus far is her 2017 Vinna Award for her coverage of the attempted kidnapping of the Twin Valley Twins football team by pro-grunge terrorists as the team was on the bus home from a game in Minnesota. "I had already started home when I got a call from the studio. I knew I had to head back-- and make some calls on the way besides," said Miss DiDonato. When she returned, she grabbed a script and quickly went over it, making important changes as she hurried back to the anchor desk, and was thrust into an interruption of 60 Reporters, which was already on the air. "They started calling me the '61st Reporter' after that," joked Miss DiDonato, "but that needed someone well-versed in anti-grunge football to cover it properly."

We started to ask Miss DiDonato what she still hopes to do as she has had an illustrious career so far, and she quickly interjected, "I'd like to find a good anti-grunge husband, and if he enjoys football, that's a bonus. A good man is hard to find these days."

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